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How we helped refresh and rebuild their website from the ground up.



Information and Interface Design


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UX Research, UI Design


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A fresh start

Examine’s global users rely on them for unbiased, research-based, and conflict-of-interest-free health information.

After 11 years of growth an increasing the products offerings, Examine found itself structured as multiple products, held together by years of duct-tape solutions. The problem ran all the way from the information architecture to design, to the code implementation.

Having established as the go-to nutrition information website, the team knew it was time to rethink and rebuild the entire product as a cohesive, unified experience, from the ground up.

That’s where Tamba came in.

At First Glance


Information Overload:

Examine has a multitude of information-rich products. How do we present complex information in an intuitive way?

Relatable vs. Debatable:

Examine is frequented by health professionals as well as health enthusiasts. How do we build an inclusive design + system for all?

Just browsing?

Examine is a goldmine of reliable health information. How do we best guide enthusiasts from nugget to nugget across the site?

Rebuilding the Flow of Information

The user research indicated that users want to start with a health condition and drill down into how to achieve various outcomes. E.g. Someone with High Cholesterol is interested in learning about how to lower LDL, Increase HDL, lower Triglycerides. We used this info to revamp the flow of information.

We came to Tamba with many ideas, a quick turnaround, and complexity that exceeds most websites (health is a complicated subject matter).

Tamba came through - they were a reliable, diligent, and, most importantly, incredibly responsive partner as we rebuilt our entire information architecture and design simultaneously.

We’re delighted with the result.

Sol Orwell
CEO at Examine

Emotion-eliciting Design System

Tying it all together

Tamba and Examine worked together very closely on ensuring that we left no stone unturned, and there were A LOT of stones. We tamed a very complex information architecture, distilled it into legible wireframes, skinned them with appealing designs, and tested our hypothesis with real uses along the way.

Rebuilt the services
from ground up

Examine has one of the most complex Information Architectures we have come across. We had to interview users, and rebuild how they navigate Examine for significantly enhanced usability.

Fully Responsive and
Mobile ready

Eighty percent of all Examine users are mobile. Examine has A LOT of information, and we had to ensure that none of this information was lost, or hard to find while using the site on mobile.


With great content comes great responsibility, and Examine has great content (~5 million words) - We nuggetized information in a way where users aren't overwhelmed, and yet can access all the information they need.

Examine relays important health information to millions of readers a year. Great! Except our site was burdened by a decade of fragmentation and suboptimal design.

We're lucky to have found Tamba, who lives and breathes functional, clean user experiences. Perfect for cutting through to the most important information, which is just what we wanted!

Kamal Patel
Cofounder at Examine